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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feeling _ _ _ _ _ ?

Masama ang pakiramdam ko today, not physically hah. Ewan ko ba, bored?sad? or worst, empty?
Nagbukas na ako ng Facebook pero napa-stop ako, wala akong mahagilap sa utak ko para madescribe ang pakiramdam ko. Tingin tingin muna sa wall, palike like, pacomment comment, pero gusto ko talagang magpost ng bago dahil ang last na post ko pa ay yung katangahan ko pa sa pagkabangga sa glass door, pambihira nmn.

Nakachat ko si richierich, friend since college, ang tagal na ata naming di nagkita simula nung umuwi na sya sa province. Kumustahan and yung nga event organizer na daw sya, sabi ko swak lang sa kanya at di sya pang 8-5 na tao. Natuwa naman ako na mukhang okey na sya, nung kabataan kasi namin kumbaga sya ang black sheep ng barkada. Ang pinakamemorable ko ay nung bigla na lang syang sumulpot sa bhaws ko telling me that he felt alone at magmula nung I always look at him in different light. He's a happy go lucky person but after that day I always look beneath it and would ask him from time to time if he is okay. Sabi na nga ba, growing up and responsibilities is risks to friendship eh, after college we went separate ways and kung magkabalitaan man eh bits by bits lang. I'm glad that he's doing okay and when he said na he missed me before ending our chat, nagkatears ang lola hah sabay sabing "miss you too" with all the sincerity in the world.

Im still not fine but at least I don't feel empty. Thanks to Rich for reminding me that I have them.

Kaloka ang music ko, Time and distance by Alicia Keys. Sumakto daw ba.

Oo na miss ko na ang barkada!


Saturday, April 23, 2011


Often times,when we are ending our chatdate our goodbyes tends to be too long because of goofing around... This is how we ended last night.

ais: love you yummy.. (kiss icon here)
me : love you too sweety..(heart icon here)
ais: mahal kita..
me : ayiiiiii...ini-irog kita..(laugh icon here)
ais: mapanghe..
me : ROFL!!! (thought he was joking around..)
ais: bat ka tumatawa? it's korean..
me : toinks! its saranghye MaHaL..
ais: ay sori...hehehe


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its Chuck!!!!!!!

When I met Ais 5 years ago,he was already saving money to buy a car but then we begun dating..hehehe..Now,because of work,Im often away so we only get to date every 3 months, perfect oppurtunity cguro na makaipon sya...Good for him. ;D

We were very excited and I was grinning all day imagining Ais' face and reaction getting the 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser he's been dreaming and we've been talking about these past few months. Of course,he was smiling ear to ear and cannot contain his kilig, how I wish I was there to hug him and told I was proud of him. I know,it was not easy saving and he has only few months to save (from June till end of this year) because we have something else to be focusing bout.(yiheee...bka ako nmn ang kiligin..wink! )

We decided to name it Chuck after our fave series, a male name so that I wont get jealous when he spends (praying that he will not) more time with it than me. Though,its way older than me, gotta think it as a child that we will take care and will accompany us from now on.

This is our Chuck now..--> macho..:)

Hope to transform into this. --> plus plus plus pogi points ;D

Ahhhh...So excited to get home, Ais promise to pick me at the terminal with Chuck.
I already imagine the scenario, we'll look silly laughing... :D

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ring ,puhleaaasseeee..!!!

Funny that I felt , I wanted to be proposed on while I was watching a suspense thriller movie "A perfect Getaway". Though scared to death, I still melted in the scene where Gina is checking the rings knowingly that Nicko is observing her and told the lady that Nicko will be back at the store and ask her what did Gina checked,which Nicko exactly did but he has bought a ring already but wanna know what Gina have in mind. The saleslady told him,"She will love anything that you will give to her." His plan was to propose while walking in the beach on sunset,but instead gave the ring to her in a helicopter after their misfortune encounter with the killers. I felt tears rolling down on my cheeks..So touched that I wanted a ring too!... :D
Hmmm, I hope somebody will knock Ais' head in the future though I will surely stomp my feet if my patience reached it's limit. :D
(I have a low EQ..and the worst thing that will happen is, I'll pick a ring and send him the tab.. :D)

Note: Since my bf values his privacy,so his codename will be Ais. Wink! ;)

EDIT: (Nov 29,2010)
While he was bubbling about his newly acquired old model Toyota land Cruiser and that his wallet is sad, I told him sorry because im going to tell him something.He asked what,and I said Im expecting a ring before we tell our family and friends about our plan. To my surprise,he answered back ," Of course,you'll expect,you're a girl..It will not be a surprise anymore,you're such an spoiler.."
sorry sweety..hehehe..can't wipe the grin in my face..;D
I wonder how long I can keep this up because I might recieve it next year or so pa..oh just kilig..;))


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I feel like writing again and though I've started another online journal but i felt going back here, parang this blog and me had this on and off relationship.hehehe..well,ill try to be a little faithful this time.;)

After rereading my entries, I was trying to remember if I had bangs that time,I was so emo,considering my fave color is pink not black...

I also visit some of my friends blog and like me parang nakalimot na rin,ahh busy lives we're leading.. we barely see each other nowadays,felt like the time flying fast without making stop-over once in awhile.Now,now,now..My bangs is growing.. :B

Will post for more later..:)


Monday, October 22, 2007

hayyy,after century nakapagblog ulit gulay,would you believe nakalimutan ko sobrang dami kcng pangyayari sa buhay..anyways,natutuwa ako at kc may mapagbubuhusan na ulit ako ng aking damdamin(ewww)..miss ko na old days with the barkada,ngayon kc medyo mature roles na ang drama(kelan kaya ulit ang meeting na sana wala ng Indiana Jones)...right now,im just so happy how my life is going,syempre i cant forget to thank yung Nkatataas kc lam ko nmnng di ako time hah,medyo may kabuluhan na(hehehe)..Have a blessed day to all of us!!(";)


Saturday, September 17, 2005

my dad's day
i didnt grew up having my papa around...,i just do remember him from my 5th year old memory...back then,he's a 2tful dad,always has pasalubong 4 me,teaching me how to write,to count..i rmmbr him treating me out bcoz i could already write number 4...wn mama & papa broke up (i mean us), it brought great impact in my life and changed me...i became hardhead,stubborn,selfish,self centered, and i hold back myself thinking they will leave too if im going to value them...i create my own rules and i dont mind others...there are only two that i fear its my lolo and God...
God touched my heart and i've learned to forgive and accept life as it is...
my dad is providing me the best he can offer and im thankful of it...we rarely talk now,he doesnt have much time i guess..i really hope someday i'll have much so that i can buy his time...
i wanna thank this man for everything..wherever i may go or i will be i know i owe it to him...i didnt tell him this more often,and i dont know if he'll gotte read this but even so,i wanna let all konw that..."i love you 'pa,i always do"...Happy bday...